Where We Begin (Film)

Collaboration: 2014-

Branding, Website, Posters, DVD, Post Cards & Flyers

Where We Begin is a short film about love and longing, created by Japanese film director Mitsuyo Miyazaki based in LA, USA. The film is currently being broadcast at many internaional film festivals throughout the world. In 2016, the film has won 7 awards at Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.




Job: Logo Design

Purpose: Promotion and products

Website Website Website Website Website Website Website Website Website

Official Website

Job: Web Design & Development, Web Management


  • Bilingual (English & Japanese)
  • Optimised for mobile and tablet
  • Full screen modern design
  • Full film story and personnel
  • Full screen gallery
  • Minimal design

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Job: Layout Design

Release: DIY & For festival submissions

Marketing Marketing Marketing

Marketing Design

Job: Posters, Post Cards, Flyers


  • 24" x 36" Film Poster (Europe)
  • Introductory Post Cards
  • Kickstarter Flyers


「短編映画 ”Where We Begin”のウェブサイト、及び、プロモーション用のポスターやポストカードのデザインをOgino Designに依頼しました。時差があるニュージーランドとロサンゼルスでのやりとり。一瞬心配はしましたが、彼の作業は実に的確で簡単、私達の予想を遥かに上まったとても素晴らしいものを提出してくれました。これからも末長くお付き合いのほどよろしくお願いします! 」

"I had such a pleasure working with Ogino Design. Not only Seiya had provided what we asked for, but he had great ideas to improve the website, as well as our promotional materials. Even we are based in Los Angeles and him in New Zealand, the work flow was on point. He shared his computer screen and his work process while we spoke on Skype. He made the process very easy for all of us. I look forward to work with him on our next project!"

/ Mitsuyo Miyazaki (Hikari Films, Kamma Pictures, Where We Begin (Film)) [2014-present]

"Working with Ogino Design while making the website for "Where We Begin" was a huge task. We had the pressure of film festival deadlines and a series of other elements that could have worked against us. The luxury of working with Ogino Design was the flexibility it offered us within the many time zones we were traveling too. Seiya really worked with us and made sure that the notes we would give were seen realtime via his shared screen option. As an artist, it is difficult to express your thoughts within a medium you do not know. Seiya really bridges the gap and allows you the visual space to see and create. He provides a true collaborative experience."

/ Peter Maestrey (Kamma Pictures, Where We Begin (Film)) [2014-present]