To Create. To Express. To Exist.

To Create.
To Express.
To Exist.

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Ogino Design was founded in Shiga/Kyoto, Japan,
exclusively serving artistry since the end of 2006.

Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design


Cover Art, Additional Artwork, Digital Photography, Photo Manipulation and Editing.

Print Design Print Design Print Design Print Design Print Design Print Design Print Design

Print Design

From CDs, LPs, DVDs, Casettes, Books, Posters, Flyers to Merch and many many more.

Web Design Web Design Web Design Web Design Web Design Web Design Web Design

Web Design

Web Design & Development, optimised for tablet and mobile with an on-going support.


Digital Marketing

One of the crucial elements to get your art across the world.
I can help you manage and optimise your marketing with promotional design and global time in mind.


This is not my business, this is my passion.

During a cold winter in 2006 in Japan, a design project was started by Seiya Ogino under the name of Lonewolf Design. There was originally no intention of working exclusively within music and art circles, but as time passed, it only made sense for the project to align with personal passions.

The first client (and now a good friend), Christian Larsson of Svart (Sweden) provided an opportunity to design for the band and his other bands at the time. This is also the time the name of the project was changed to Ensamvarg Design on Christian's recommendation, to give a more of a unique touch. It made sense at the time as the main target audience was the Nordic Extreme Metal scene.

After many years of dealing with numerous artists all over the world and expanding into other musical genres and art, a decision was made to change to Ogino Design in late 2013; to cut out the corporate, and more importantly, impersonal feel. The interest to exist as a "business" was long gone, but to simply treat it as a series of passionate projects.

Now after many encounters, both positive and negative, and constant self-improvements, Ogino Design proudly works closely with many artists on an ongoing basis. From Japanese Post-rock legends MONO (Japan) and Takaakira 'Taka' Goto, Old-School Swedish Death Metal pioneers Vomitory and its reincarnation Cut Up, Suicidal Black Metal originator Shining (Sweden), Well-respected Extreme Metal vocalist Christian Älvestam (Solution .45, Svavelvinter, ex-Scar Symmetry, etc), first client and still great collaborator Christian Larsson (Svart, Gloson, ex-Shining, etc), to New Zealand's new and fast growing Singer-songwriter Ciaran McMeeken.

In recent years, Ogino Design has created projects within the music business as well as within the film industry; with such known personnel as Swedish multi-award winning audio engineer Thomas "Plec" Johansson (Watain, Onslaught, Scar Symmetry, etc), Japan's proud multi-award winning film writer, director and producer Mitsuyo Miyazaki and her trusted colleague and multi-award winning American film producer Peter Maestrey.

Art has no boundaries, so let's leave something memorable in this world together.


I work with a wide range of artists worldwide.

and more!

Case Studies

Some selection of past work.

MONO (Japan) NEW
Official Website 2016
+ More Coming Soon

[Marketing Design]

View Website

The Panic Room NEW
Rebrand 2016
+ More Coming Soon

[Branding, Marketing Design]

View Project

Where We Begin (Film)
Kickstarter Campaign & Film Launch
[Branding, Web & Print Design, Marketing]

View Project

MONO (Japan)
Photo Book + Live CDs (2015)
[Print Design]

View Project

Ciaran McMeeken
Official Website 2015
[Web Design]

View Project

Solution .45
"Nightmares in the Waking State" (2015)
[Print Design, Marketing]

View Project

"Nidingsverk" (2014)
[Artwork, Print Design, Marketing]

View Project

Ciaran McMeeken
"Screaming Man" (2015)
[Artwork, Print Design, Marketing]

View Project

"Yearwalker" (2014)
[Artwork, Print Design, Marketing]

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Shining (Sweden)
Official Website 2015
[Web Design]

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Takaakira 'Taka' Goto
Official Website 2015 & Debut Launch
[Web Design, Marketing]

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Curious to see what my clients say?

「Seiyaとコラボレーションをして3年が経つ。Website / SNSをはじめとするMONOのデジタルマネージメントはもちろん、Website、T-Shirtsや写真集のデザインなどもやってもらっている。抽象的な僕からのたくさんのリクエストに、いつも嫌な顔一つせずに付き合ってくれるSeiyaにとても感謝してる。お互いに、年々、やればやるほどに成長してるって感じる。そこが良いコラボレーションをしているという証拠なんだと思う。お互いにアイデアを持ち寄りながらの彼とのクリエイティブな作業はとても美しく、素晴らしい。」

"It's been 3 years since we began our collaboration. Not only for MONO's digital management; website / social media and more, but he has also designed numerous materials for us, from websites and t-shirts to photo books. Despite many requests from someone abstract like myself, he never makes a face and always helps out, and for that, I am truly grateful for Seiya. I feel that as we collaborate more and more each year, we are both growing together. I think that's the evidence of a good collaboration. We both bring our ideas to the table, and that creative process with him is extremely beautiful and wonderful."

/ Takaakira 'Taka' Goto (MONO, Solo Artist) [2013-present]

「短編映画 ”Where We Begin”のウェブサイト、及び、プロモーション用のポスターやポストカードのデザインをOgino Designに依頼しました。時差があるニュージーランドとロサンゼルスでのやりとり。一瞬心配はしましたが、彼の作業は実に的確で簡単、私達の予想を遥かに上まったとても素晴らしいものを提出してくれました。これからも末長くお付き合いのほどよろしくお願いします! 」

"I had such a pleasure working with Ogino Design. Not only Seiya had provided what we asked for, but he had great ideas to improve the website, as well as our promotional materials. Even we are based in Los Angeles and him in New Zealand, the work flow was on point. He shared his computer screen and his work process while we spoke on Skype. He made the process very easy for all of us. I look forward to work with him on our next project!"

/ Mitsuyo Miyazaki (Hikari Films, Kamma Pictures, Where We Begin) [2014-present]

"Having Seiya on board is a very valuable resource. He designed and managed, and still do, the Vomitory website for many years. And most recently, with a very short deadline, he designed the brand new and fully functional killer website for Cut Up, just in time for our debut album release. Without the fast and accurate communication from Seiya, it wouldn't have worked. His creativity, his experience with extreme music combined with his eagerness to always create the best possible outcome for us as his client, makes working with Seiya a walk in the park."

/ Tobias Gustafsson (Vomitory, Cut Up) [2010-present]

"I would say that Ogino Design, and its founder Seiya, has not only provided me with uttermost brilliance and flawless dedication since day one, but also that for the first time ever in our 20-year career, I haven't had to worry about anything web-related thanks to said individual, and that is something one honestly cannot put a price-tag on."

/ Niklas Kvarforth (Shining) [2014-present]

"Working with my main man Seiya is a very laid back and an easy thing, and he always delivers. Not only is he ridiculously skilled at what he does, he's also fast, dedicated, ambitious AND affordable; qualities which, when combined, truly sets him apart from many others in his line of business. With that said, if you're looking for a killer artist/designer, who also happens to be a great guy, then Seiya is your man!"

/ Christian Älvestam (Solution .45, Svavelvinter, Dimout Productions) [2013-present]

"Ogino Design was the natural choice for me and my colleagues when we set out to create an on-line presence for PRO Custom Drums and for myself in regards to The Panic Room. Seiya was an integral part of making the projects come alive and reach their full potential. Not only did he go out of his way to make everyone happy, he also inspired us to take our endeavors to next level with the way he interpreted our ideas. We can't imagine working with anyone else for any of our upcoming projects!"

/ Thomas "Plec" Johansson (The Panic Room, PRO Custom Drums) [2014-present]

"Working with Ogino Design while making the website for WWB was a huge task. We had the pressure of film festival deadlines and a series of other elements that could have worked against us. The luxury of working with Ogino Design was the flexibility it offered us within the many time zones we were traveling too. Seiya really worked with us and made sure that the notes we would give were seen realtime via his shared screen option. As an artist, it is difficult to express your thoughts within a medium you do not know. Seiya really bridges the gap and allows you the visual space to see and create. He provides a true collaborative experience."

/ Peter Maestrey (Kamma Pictures, Where We Begin) [2014-present]

"Ogino Design is an invaluable asset for me and my musical endeavors. I always have a talented guy in this field to turn to, and I can expect nothing but excellent results every time. He is flexible, always open for suggestions and he is always listening to your feedback. It's also amazing to see how far he's got since the start, which can only mean great things are bound for the future."

/ Christian Larsson (Svart, Gloson, Acacia) [2007-present]

"Seiya is an outstanding person to work with as he is incredibly efficient, skilful and most importantly, a man of his word. He is a very understanding and empathic individual and he has a unique way of bringing your idea's to life. He has a sound understanding of the music industry and offers great ideas and advice. I truly look forward to working with Seiya in the near future."

/ Ciaran McMeeken (Singer-songwriter) [2014-present]

"Working with Ogino Design was a perfect fit for me since I'm always looking for quality, and that's what he delivers, always. Seiya has a professional approach, great ideas and good taste. I can't see myself working with anyone else from now on."

/ Oscar Nilsson (Crehate Studios, PRO Custom Drums) [2014-present]


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